Taking Your Date to the World Cup in Russia

Commenced in the 1930s World Cup has been a very affluent and prominent competition in the football community. It is contested by the member countries of FIFA, which is a universal sport’s governing and overseeing body. With the previous victory of Germany in the World Cup 2014, the trophy is up for grabs again for the World Cup in Russia. The contest has been in action since 1930 except for the time period in which World War II happened.

In a matter of few days, millions of football fans from so many races and ethnicities will be marching towards Russia to witness the game in action. We’re sure that you and your elite companion can relish in this Russian getaway. It is natural that you are bound to face a great deal of difficulty in accommodating in a foreign country. That is why we have dedicated this guide in helping you and your date to make it to safe grounds in Russia and enjoy a special time together.

This article will cover several points like visas, accommodation options, buying tickets, safety measures etc. We will also be focussing on the venue, the opening ceremony, and all that jazz. Are you stoked as much as we are?

About the World Cup – Russia

Talking about the event, we are extremely thrilled to announce that the tournament will be taking place in the biggest stadium in Russia. The opening ceremony, several matches including the final, will take place in Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow. This humongous stadium houses 81,000 vacancies which make it the largest stadium in Russia. The opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup in Russia will be held on 14th June at 2 p.m. BST. The entire ceremony will be streamed live so you will not miss a thing. The performers who will be adorning the opening ceremony have not been revealed yet. However, there is an estimate of over 50 VIP performers who will be dazzling the opening ceremony. Nobody can forget when Shakira lit the stage with her “Waka Waka” or when Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez took the stage with their football anthem to honor Brazil. This year’s football anthem is much celebrated too. We’re sure that you and your elite model will never forget this extravagant experience.

The entire tournament is more than just a contest. It is a celebration of unity and togetherness amongst the worshippers of football. It is like a festival of massive popularity and viewership. In case you’ll be witnessing the event in the stadium then read along for a complete guide. However, if you cannot make it to Russia then don’t be saddened by it. The event will be streamed live on several television channels and online sites. To my experience and knowledge, the best streaming will happen at the major sport channels with many highlights to show live and after each match so stay updated with that as well.

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