There are things we only wish remained in our past. One of the topics we dread to discuss is our sex life. Once we get into a serious relationship, we always wish that the past remains in the past and nobody ever opens that chapter no matter how close they are to you. What we don’t know is that Sexnummern can work to our advantages if we decided to use it in the right way. As long as the story is only part of your past, there is nothing wrong about it.

On the other hand, escorts and sex models can use the same number to their advantage especially when discussing about their experience. When discussing about sex number with someone you are interested in, it might be a bit challenging and we might be forced to tell a lie. However, when we are trying to prove our expertise, then it can work to our advantages. There are two main reasons people discus their sex number and this include;

  • Dating a New Person

When men meet new girlfriends and get interested in them, there are some common questions they ask them. One of the major questions is their Sexnummern. The number of times they have had sex and with how many different men is a major concern. This is because, it helps them know what to expect from the girls as well as whether they are their type or not.

  • Checking Experience of an Escort

Strange as it would seem, some men weigh the experience of an escort depending on how many men they have had sex with. If their sex number is high, it shows they have been in this industry long enough and definitely have had an opportunity of meeting and serving more clients.


Sexnummern can be a very interesting topic for couples who are open with each other and are looking forward to having an open relationship. On the other hand, it is a topic that should be handled with a lot of care because it can easily break a firm relationship!