Escort Biel is the main character in a funny and interesting book written by Kijiji Amin. The name Biel first appears in the very first sentence of the Introduction section. This hilarious book is based on the real-life experiences of a real escort, Biel. She was fired from her last job because she tried to organize a girls’ club in her hometown. After several attempts to set up the club, Biel was finally hired as an escort.

Biel’s job is to pick up western women hitchhiking.

Sex Biel takes care of all the arrangements – the pick-up, the getaway and the disposal of the money collected from the women. escort Biel has a blonde, brunette secretary, Jody, who does all the secretarial work while Biel cleans her vagina. escort Biel makes sure that the women gets to their destination safely.

Jody starts working with escort Biel two weeks before her wedding. Jody is not happy about working as an escort, especially after Biel seduces her boss. When Biel asks Jody to go shopping with her, Jody refuses and tells Biel that she only wants to be left alone. Biel overhears and decides to confront Jody, but she runs into Max, a German truck driver who is enjoying his retirement break. Max likes to drink and has a bad case of zits (in one part of the novel, there is a joke about how Max lost a tooth due to biting it too much – a popular joke in Germany).

Out of the blue, Max asks Biel out to a concert, a gig at a club and to meet a “amateur artist”. At first Biel balks, because she knows that Max is only there to get rich, but she decides to go with him anyway. They spend the whole evening at the club. Biel feels trapped and feels like she’s walking on eggshells all night. When they go back to Max’s apartment, he surprises Jody by introducing her to his new secretary, Bahre, a cute and rich girl who also happens to be the German President’s cousin.

Escort Biel’s feelings for Jody grow stronger as the night goes on and she slowly develops a crush on her new friend. The next day, Biel calls Jody’s father (genuinely excited to see him after spending so much time away). She invites him and his wife to a luncheon on her boat. It turns out that her new friend and her father have been chatting for months. While on the trip, Bahre proposes to escort Biel to a fund-raiser for her birthday – the same one that Max and Jody are to attend.

While waiting for Max and Jody at the fund-raiser Biel overhears conversations between Max and a group of other younger men who have come to observe her. One of them tells Max that he has something very important to tell her; he wants to offer her “something beautiful”. Biel is too shocked to resist, but her father stops her from attending the luncheon, claiming he’s already received “a royal reply”. Biel panics and goes home to her sewing basket, crying.

Escort Biel is not the only one who finds herself in Max’s company. He invites her to go out with him, but Jody politely refuses and says she’ll call to set a date. When Max gets home, he goes to talk to Biel, but she’s too nervous to talk. She starts to feel uncomfortable all over again, but when Max offers to buy her a present, she agrees. Later on, she learns that Max met Jody while he was in the employ of the German Foreign Office and was able to convince her to join him in Switzerland by paying half of her own fees!

When Biel and Max return to the party, Max asks Biel if she remembers the foreign office dinner. She does and admits she had a good time. Then, out of nowhere, Jody walks up and offers to give Max a ride home – if only he’d give her one kiss! It doesn’t take long for the two of them to fall in love and escape to Europe. Although Escort Biel undergoes a crisis, they eventually end up together.

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