In case you’ve been dating for some time and it’s not going well or you’re looking for new opportunities, you’ve probably heard of online dating and what can happen in it. You may think they are not your style, but you might be surprised to know that many specialists recommend this activity at least once in our lifetime.

If we go to the statistics, two out of five people have revealed to have found their current partner through social networks. And they have become long-lasting! Here are some reasons why you should give it a try:

You meet a lot of people

The negative thing about physical dating is that you don’t get to meet different people to be able to determine the quality and chemistry. Whereas virtual dating allows you to talk to multiple people that you may not have anything in common with, not even friends, so you would be starting from 0 and it would be quite nice to have no expectations.

It’s a great adventure

Life is for taking risks. Online dating is quite fun and a new way to experience chemistry with other people. Plus, you can only talk to people who actually show a romantic interest instead of expecting everything to happen spontaneously.

Common ground

Through dating apps or social networks, you can determine which people are more suited to your tastes and ideas. So if you’re looking for a serious relationship, you can have half the road built by knowing that you won’t encounter unexpected surprises, such as not liking the same type of music as you.

You can easily satisfy your needs

You’ll lose the heartache knowing that you can get exactly what you need. In case it’s a partner, you can have it. In case it’s just sex, you can get it too. For example, if you are in London you have the ability to go on our Theory Love Escorts website and get escorts who can serve you as a coffee date, and then to take them to your hotel room.


It can boost your confidence

It’s normal to feel awkward about inviting a person you haven’t had a previous conversation with on a date if you just said hello to them five minutes ago. So online dating can allow you to talk to the person beforehand, make sure you really like them and when it comes to the reveal, feel more confident about what you may or may not talk about.

It can help you save time

AND money. Going on a date every time you meet a person is exhausting and can result in a lot of wasted money and time. Whereas with online dating you can weed out the people you don’t like after a while and just go out with the one you really think is ideal.

The success rate is high

We mentioned this in the beginning, and that is that thanks to technology today’s serious relationships have been met primarily through the internet. Even without seeing each other directly before two months, they have been totally successful and are maintained depending on the compatibility with the person.